Volunteers come together to hold activities on Children’s Day

October 24, 2018
Actions in Resende, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo save the date
In the month when Children’s Day is celebrated in Brazil, volunteers from the Nissan Institute mobilized to organize some special activities in the municipalities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Resende.
In São Paulo, between October 8 and 19, volunteers collected 260 kits of candies to give to children at two NGOs, Instituição Gotas de Flor com Amor and the Padre Chico Institute for the Blind. The donations were handed over on October 29 and 30.
In Rio de Janeiro, the work began on October 6, with a Children’s Day party at the Reviver children’s home in Morro do Estado, Niterói. Over the course of two weeks, between October 8 and 19, volunteers ran a campaign to collect food and cleaning materials, and they collected around 100 kg of items in all.
At Nissan’s Resende plant, Nissan Institute volunteers carried out a special activity for young participants as part of the Green Corner Vegetable Garden project. The event was attended by around 60 children and it was a success, thanks to the teamwork and solidarity of all those involved. The Volunteers of Value group organized a party full of attractions, based on the theme of the environment. The activities included workshops on tree planting and using recycled materials, as well as selective collection games. A campaign was also held to collect food at the Nissan plant. When they made donations, volunteers were given an herb plant grown by students in the vegetable garden.
“It is amazing how small actions can make our day incredible. The Children’s Day event was aimed at holding a party for children at the Salvation Vegetable Garden. However, it went far beyond this and it resulted in personal growth. Bringing together a group of people around the common goal of giving these children a happy day makes you want to always do good for others,” says Carolina Moraes, a Nissan Institute volunteer.