Volunteers come together to prepare school vegetable garden

May 9, 2019
Initiative was part of Green School environmental education project
The Green School environmental education project is a partnership between the Nissan Institute, the Mokiti Okada Foundation and Jardim das Acácias Municipal School, in the neighborhood of Fazenda da Barra II in Resende, Rio de Janeiro State. Through monthly activities such as the planting of organic vegetables and workshops on conscious consumption, healthy eating and composting, students are developing sustainable habits in relation to the environment and getting the chance to use knowledge acquired at school for the good of society.
To contribute to this project, the Nissan Institute invited volunteers to help prepare a vegetable patch at the school, to be used for environmental education studies. The participants made raised beds and tilled the soil, leaving the garden ready for students’ classes.
This initiative will benefit the school’s roughly 500 students, who will take part in its environmental education project. It will also influence their families and wider social groups.
“I’m a former Jardim das Acácias School student. I was pleased to contribute to the construction of something that will help to keep young people on the right path, and it was also nice to reflect back on my happy school days. It was very gratifying to take part in this initiative.” Ivan Arcanjo, volunteer