Volunteers organize charity art exhibition

June 29, 2017
Paintings produced by rest home residents are exchanged for donations
The Volunteers of Value’s monthly events at the Nicolino Gulhot Rest Home in Resende have caught the attention of many people. To further expand the impact of this continuous activity, the group assembled all the paintings produced by the home’s residents during the “Afternoon of art” event held in May, and organized an exhibition of them at Nissan’s plant.
Thinking on help people, the Tooling team came together and made a difference. Each member of the team donated the diaper or the milk and the exchange was made by only one paint, which will be exposed on their office as symbol of solidarity and competitiveness.
depoimento Kleber Silva
“Our intention is simply to help others, I think everyone should be aware that in this way everything would be much better and easier. The good we do for them today, may be the help we would need tomorrow”. (Kleber Silva, Tool Supervisor)
The paint exhibition began yesterday (29) and ends today, but the collection of donations will be received by the volunteers until next Monday.