Volunteers organize continuous initiative for elderly people

March 29, 2017
Residents of rest home in Resende will have monthly birthday parties
Last Sunday, the 36 residents of the Nicolino Gulhot rest home in Resende received a lot of affection and had a fun time at a party for those whose birthday is in March, organized by the “Volunteers of Value” group. The aim of this initiative is to hold monthly birthday parties for these elderly people, supporting their identity and self-esteem.
The activities were planned and personalized following a thorough mapping of the needs and characteristics of each person. Over the course of the afternoon, the residents enjoyed memory games, a live show, ball games, and other activities to stimulate their motor coordination.
depoimento Cristiane Rodrigues

This activity was very important, as we helped the residents integrate, move and act autonomously in a fun and abstract way, promoting psychomotor action under the guidance of a physiotherapist. However, it was the volunteers who benefited the most. It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to evolve as a human being.” (Cristiane Rodrigues, Volunteer of Value)
There is more to come next month!