Volunteers inspire new careers at school

October 13, 2016
World of Professions project begins its second edition in Resende
Do you remember the exact moment when you chose your profession? It is precisely this phase that is now being experienced by around 30 youth and adult education students at Wagner Guimarães Municipal School, in the municipality of Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro state. And that is why we launched the second edition of our World of Professions project! Nissan Institute volunteers from the nearby municipality of Resende and surrounding areas are holding chats at the school and sharing their professional and personal experience.
The talks began on October 10, with an overview of the program and a presentation about the teaching profession and the topic of professional motivation. Every week until November 8, two volunteers will be giving talks, adding up to 20 chats about logistics, engineering, administration, maintenance and IT, among other subjects involved in the everyday life of a car plant.
depoimento Gabrielli Palmeira
We want to show that everyone has a talent and sometimes we need to get to know ourselves better and find the opportunities available so that we can develop.” (Gabrielli Palmeira, member of the Volunteers of Value team)