A dive into the World of Professions

May 15, 2017
Knowledge and experience benefit students in Caju
The name “World of Professions” illustrates well what really happens during meetings between volunteers and young people who are at an important moment in choosing their profession. During every edition of this project, when least expected, a world of opportunities is discovered.
This was borne out in a chat on the topic of human resources, held on the morning of May 12, as part of the “Youth and Opportunity” project in Caju. Volunteer Luciana Barbosa engaged auto bodywork technical course students in such an intense and spontaneous way that she spent most of the time telling them about her experiences outside Brazil since her teenage years, spurred on by the attentive young people’s questions and curiosity. Luciana also gave tips on how to write a resume and behave at a job interview.
In the afternoon, it was the turn of volunteer Pablo Coelho to meet with computer operator course students to talk about information technology, the job market and opportunities.
depoimento Luciana Barbosa
It was a pleasure to share a little of my life story with the auto bodywork course students. I think it was more enriching for me than for them! The coolest thing is seeing that what you’ve done in your life can serve as an inspiration and motivation for other people, that you can really have an impact on other people’s lives. It’s really great that they are such a diverse group, in terms of both origins and personalities, and so they complement and enrich one another within the group itself.” (Luciana Barbosa, Volunteer of Value)
depoimento Pablo Coelho
I think this initiative is very important, as the students can see that nothing is out of their reach, that their objectives are the same as ours. I want to continue to be this initiative’s volunteer number one.” (Pablo Coelho, Volunteer of Value)