Training all our points of view

July 28, 2016
Emmanuelle Bernard, French photographer, holds workshop at Miratus Association
Whether in France or Brazil, downtown or on the urban fringe, photos are a universal language. Attracted by the charms of photography, youth at the Miratus Association in Rio de Janeiro recently took part in a workshop on the topic, given by photographer and documentary maker Emmanuelle Bernard.
Born in France, Emmanuelle spent her childhood and adolescence in Rio de Janeiro, where she has produced various works. They include two photography books that the students found interesting: “Carioca,” about everyday life in the “Marvelous City,” and “Ginga,” about popular dance in Rio de Janeiro.
The photographer talked about her experiences and the process of creating a photography book, and she finished off by doing what she most likes: a photo shoot.
See some of the photos taken of Miratus students: