Electrician training course ends in Caju

June 9, 2017
Executive president of Nissan Institute attends course graduation ceremony
June 8 was a day of celebration at NGO Fundação Gol de Letra. On that day, the first group of students completed a “Youth and Opportunity” training course on low-voltage electrical work, as part of the “Caju: a new perspective” project.
In the presence of the Nissan Institute’s executive president, Marcia Ribeiro, and executive manager, Gwenaelle Maitre, the students creatively presented their end-of-course project. They had developed a bicycle-powered cell phone recharger, allowing people to recharge their phone while doing exercise.
depoimento Gwenaelle Maitre
For young people, these courses are an opportunity to gain qualifications and expand their opportunities to join the job market. Two young people have already been hired by a Nissan partner company.” (Gwenaelle Maitre, executive manager of Nissan Institute)
Nine months after the “Caju, a new perspective” project was launched, the “Youth and Opportunity” technical courses remain in high demand in the Caju neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The courses cover the following subjects: Administration, Production Line Work, Computer Operator Work, Low-Voltage Electrical Work, Body Shop Work, Port Logistics, and Auto Painting.