Second series of talks begins in Resende

August 25, 2017
World of Professions arrives at Getúlio Vargas School
The World of Professions project is powering ahead! Soon after ending a series of talks at Colégio Olavo Bilac State School in Resende, volunteers began another one at Getúlio Vargas Municipal School, in the same town.
The opening event took place yesterday, featuring talks on motivation and human resources. Over the next five weeks, talks on several professions will be given. The talks are aimed at students in their second and third year of high school, who are also taking technical courses on mechanics or information technology.
The students have high hopes and the volunteers are also excited.
depoimento Jiane Rodrigues
“My talk will be one of the last and it is intended for students doing a technical course on information technology. As I will be talking about IT, I made a point of coming here on the first day to find out the students’ profile and their expectations about my talk. I want to give a very interesting talk!”. (Jiane Rodrigues, Volunteer of Value)
The talks are occurring once a week, on different days.