Institution: Associação Um Litro de Luz Brasil
Location: Rio de Janeiro
This project is designed to take lighting to public areas and streets in communities such as Jardim Gramacho and Parque das Missões, in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro.
Lampposts made of simple materials such as PET plastic bottles, a solar panel, a battery, an electrical circuit, LED lights and PVC tubes will be installed.
Sunlight hitting the solar panel will generate electricity to charge the battery during the day. At dusk, the circuit will use the power stored in the battery to feed the LED lights, which will remain lit throughout the night. At daybreak, the device will turn itself off automatically.
This solution is not just affordable, but also environmentally sustainable. As well as expanding public lighting and thereby improving people’s quality of life, the project will work to promote community engagement and a sense of collective belonging, helping to empower residents, while stimulating environmental awareness, especially with regard to clean energy.