Refugees and Brazilians united by cooking

August 30, 2017
Meeting promotes integration and sharing of gastronomic experiences
When it comes to diversity, food is an example to be followed. The more multicultural, the more interesting. Mixing without any prejudice is the secret.
Food brings people together and this was exactly what happened yesterday at Nissan’s office in Rio de Janeiro. At the invitation of Volunteers of Value, a group of refugees from a cookery course run by the Collective of Enterprising Refugees (CORES) had a meeting with chef Guilherme Motta, who specializes in corporate catering and heads the kitchen that feeds Nissan’s directors and managers.
The meeting, arranged by Nissan’s social responsibility team with the support of non-governmental organization PARES, was a very rewarding experience for the refugees and people claiming refugee status who participated. There was a lot of sharing of experiences, cultures and flavors between them and Motta, who recounted his career history, encouraged them and gave them tips to help them build their own food businesses.
depoimento Nina Quiroga
“The chat was very rewarding. Everyone learned a lot from one another and got a better understanding of other cultures and their differences”. (Nina Quiroga, Institutional Relations – PARES – Cáritas RJ)
depoimento Guilherme Motta
“Life is all about sharing and teaching a little to others, and this applies to cooking. You take a little of everything you have learned and, using your feelings, you transform it all into something unique”. (Guilherme Motta, chef)
In addition to the chat, the visitors met other Nissan employees at a lunch, cooked by Motta, at which they could share their experiences and life stories.