First edition of Sustainable Route Program held in Resende

March 26, 2019
Students go on fun and educational tour of plant
On March 22, World Water Day, the Nissan Institute held the first edition of the Sustainable Route Program. Ninth-grade students from Jardim das Acácias Municipal School in Resende had a special educational tour of Nissan’s plant.
During the visit, the students, who were divided into groups, played at being detectives on a treasure hunt, solving riddles related to sustainable aspects of Nissan’s work. Whenever a team gave a correct answer, it was given a piece of a giant jigsaw puzzle, which was assembled at the end of the meeting, revealing Super Leaf, the program’s mascot. The team that obtained the most jigsaw pieces during the tour got to ride around the site in a Nissan Leaf electric car and learned about the Nissan Intelligent Mobility concept.
Sustainability analyst Juliana Rosas says that new editions of the program are planned, to allow other students to visit the company. “Every edition, students of a different grade from the school will have the opportunity to see the plant from this new perspective. The idea is to soon expand the initiative to more schools in the region,” she says.