Sport and education go together here. Miratus now also provides students with educational support.


The Miratus Badminton Association was established in 1998 to use sport as a means of promoting social inclusion for young people from low-income families in the community of Chacrinha, in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Jacarepaguá. By developing a unique methodology to train its athletes, called “Bamon,” the project has changed the lives of many young people, who have won gold medals at international badminton championships and overcome major personal obstacles.


To contribute to this initiative, the Nissan Institute has helped to implement and monitor an education project at Miratus’ facilities aimed at adding even more values to the lives of these young people. The “Future Project” is run in partnership with the Popular Image Creation Center (Cecip), an NGO, providing complementary activities in the areas of arts, technology, communication and education, showing new methods for participatory interaction and transformation to help children and young people reflect about their future. Thus, alongside sport, we are creating a space for reflection to help participants construct a life project and contribute to their professional training and entry into the job market.
Rio 2016 Olympics
Ygor Coelho, a Miratus student and the son of the institution’s founder, naturally learned about the sport when he was a child. He stood out in training sessions, competed in national championships, and he has now come to international prominence. In May 2016, the Rio de Janeiro-born athlete won a place at the Rio 2016 Games, making him the first ever Brazilian to play badminton at the Olympic Games.


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