“Opportunities in Action” with the Gol de Letra Foundation

March 26, 2018
Students receive assistance to prepare for the job market
“Opportunities in Action,” organized by the Gol de Letra Foundation, with support from the Nissan Institute and other organizations, took place on March 22. During this event, students from the “Youth and Opportunity” project were given guidance and assistance on how to successfully compete in the job market.
With over 150 students in attendance, the event featured opening remarks from Marco Silva, the president of Nissan Brazil. Volunteers from the Nissan Institute of Rio de Janeiro spoke on different topics such as résumé preparation, job interviews, the job market, and technology.
Beyond motivating students to pursue a career, these volunteers serve as positive role models for the them. The clear connection between getting a good education and achieving success in one’s personal and professional life becomes apparent.
The “Youth and Opportunity” Project
The “Youth and Opportunity” project is an initiative of the Gol de Letra Foundation, in partnership with the Nissan Institute. The project’s goal is to have a positive effect on the formation of youth and adults, 16 years and older, who come primarily from vulnerable social and economic backgrounds in the Caju neighborhood. The project helps them develop the skills necessary to be competitive in the job market. Their individual and collective realities can be transformed when their entrance into the workforce is as qualified professionals.
This program assists approximately 520 people throughout the year, and offers courses in professional qualification, English, basic education and also entrepreneurial workshops.
The professional qualification programs offered are: Administrative Assistant, Port Logistics Assistant, Computer Operator, Low-voltage Electrician, and Auto Body Repair and Painting.