The future is right here; you just have to fight for it

November 17, 2016
Volunteers complete edition of “World of Professions” project in Itatiaia
Achieving your dreams is up to you. That was the message left by Nissan Institute volunteers during the latest edition of the “World of Professions” project, held at Wagner Guimarães Municipal School in Itatiaia, a municipality adjacent to Resende, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
This time, the series of career talks was focused on the school’s youth and adult students, aged between 16 and 65. There were plenty of interesting stories and a lot of knowledge was passed on. The 17 volunteers described their career development, including the time they chose their profession and the range of opportunities available in each one. The talks’ results were surprising.
depoimento Cristiane Rodrigues
If I had to sum up the talks’ results in three words, they would be transformation, possibility and success. We transformed their negative thoughts of limitations; they were able to see new possibilities; and they realized that their success depends on them going forward.” (Cristiane Rodrigues, Volunteer of Value and school psychologist at Wagner Guimarães School)
After eight different topics were addressed over the course of five days, this edition of the project was wound up with a visit by the students to Nissan’s plant, where they could see examples of everything they had heard in the talks.
Another seed has been planted to make a better world through education.