New classes from Caju visit Nissan plant

March 13, 2017
After meeting with Nissan’s CEO, students have their wish granted
On Friday, March 10, 25 students from the “Caju: a new approach” project visited Nissan’s plant in Resende. The visit was requested by the students themselves to Nissan do Brasil’s CEO, François Dossa, during the official start of this year’s classes at Fundação Gol de Letra, a non-governmental organization. In response to the young people’s curiosity, employees welcomed them and showed them how Nissan cars are made.
“The goal of this project is to transform people. For many of these young people, a visit of this kind can influence them and help with their career decisions. Resende’s plant is one of the most advanced in the country, and there is nothing better than showing the practical side of things they learn about in the classroom,” said François Dossa.
“Caju: a new approach” is a transformative legacy project following the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil, and it is run in partnership with Fundação Gol de Letra. At the NGO’s main center in the neighborhood of Caju, in central Rio de Janeiro, young students take vocational courses designed to help them enter the job market, as well as formal elementary school, high school and pre-National High School Exam courses.
The course helps us remain active and improves our skills. I tell my classmates to take it as well, so they can earn a better salary, sometimes more than our parents earn. Later on I would like to work here.” (Lucas Nascimento, 19, auto body training course student)
It’s amazing to see so many women here. When we began the visit, the director of the plant showed us a model and it looked like the plant was small. When we went to walk around the different areas, I was surprised by Nissan’s size.” (Letícia Maria, 18, auto painting training course student)