Time to unveil the Olympic torch route

March 3, 2016
Young people announce towns in the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay
In February, the Rio 2016 Games Organizing Committee announced the complete route of the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay at an event attended by some very special people. Representing 28 of the 329 towns to which the Torch will be taken, children and teenagers from Fundação Gol de Letra, a project supported by the Nissan Institute, were invited to parade on the stage at the event.
The lively parade also involved children from other institutions and a group of people on stilts and dressed in colorful clothes, who all danced to the beat of various Brazilian rhythms. According to Gol de Letra’s coordination assistant, Patrícia Paiva, taking part in this kind of experience is very valuable for young people. “This gives them contact with a different kind of reality. They learn, meet new people, see new places and, in this case in particular, they can also say they were part of the world’s largest sports event,” she said.
Depoimento Vinícius Gomes
It was a very different and rewarding event, as we met people and were involved in productive activities.”
(Vinícius Gomes, monitor at Fundação Gol de Letra
I loved the trip, I had great fun and I hope there will be more events like it.”
(Juliana Trindade, monitor at Fundação Gol de Letra
The Olympic Torch Relay will begin on May 3, in Brasília. Nissan is one of its official sponsors.