On the Right Path to Transformation

September 22, 2017
Students confirm the importance of college exam prep course
With the objective of evaluating and accompanying its educational support to the Miratus Institute, on September 21, the Nissan Institute visited the college exam prep course offered there to chat with students.
The initiative offered two editions for students in both of the course’s shifts. Many professors and previous students attended the event, and made a point of participating in the meeting and sharing their experiences.
Gwenaelle Maitre
“The return of the students is greater than we had hoped for. I saw excited students who were grateful to Miratus and to the teachers for their kindness and attention. They are really motivated to make their dreams come true”. (Gwenaelle Maitre, manager of Social Responsibility at Nissan)
Take a look at some testimonials from our students:
“Most of my friends don’t even think about going to college. This makes me sad, because, unfortunately, a lot of information doesn’t reach the community, which means people who live there miss out on training and information. In my community, I am one of the very few to be accepted to college. As Miratus has changed my life, I also hope to bring hope and change to other people’s lives”. (Pedro, 20 years old)
“I found out about the college exam prep course because I was an athlete at Miratus, which is like my second home. I have a lot to be thankful for because this is where I am building my dream, a place I never would have imagined could exist in a community. Thanks to the implantation of a newspaper in the community, encouraged by the Nissan Institute Volunteers, I decided to study graphic design”.
(Ana Glaucia, 21 years old)