Nissan Leaf visits another school in Resende

August 29, 2016
Electric car continues to delight youth and adults
The Leaf at Schools project is going from strength to strength in Resende. With the help of Volunteers of Value, another school was visited in August by the world’s top-selling electric car.
After doing the project’s customary training at Nissan’s plant, 10 high school students at Colégio de Aplicação de Resende gave a highly polished talk on sustainability and technology to their classmates. This time, the presentation was also open to parents and the general public, as part of an event called “Entrepreneurs of the Future,” organized by the school.
depoimento Mariana Oliveira
It was very interesting to take part in a project involving an electric car, which I had never heard about, and to be able to verify that it is completely silent. It was also great to visit the plant and see how they make cars.”
(Mariana Oliveira, first grade high school student)
depoimento Marcos Santos
These activities are very interesting to stimulate these young people’s knowledge. Technology, ecological issues, all this is part of their future. It’s an opportunity for them to grow up with this mentality.”
(Marcos Santos, Mariana Oliveira’s father)