Nissan makes improvements to vegetable garden in Resende

July 14, 2017
Revamp permits further progress and boosts production
On July 12, Nissan unveiled a new irrigation system at the Resende Municipal Vegetable Garden. The company has also renovated the garden’s administrative building. Nissan do Brasil’s governmental affairs and sustainability director, Marcia Ribeiro, was present at the handover ceremony, together with municipal government officials, during which she reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the community.
“Our Blue Citizenship concept encompasses subjects related to the environment, urban mobility, education, training and logistics development. Accordingly, we are very pleased to be able to contribute to local sustainability. We have been warmly welcomed by the municipality and we expect to pay back this affection. May the vegetable garden and the people who work in it have many opportunities because of these improvements,” Ribeiro said during the occasion.
In the administrative building, all the restrooms and storeroom have been renovated. Nissan also replaced its windows, added some new windows, painted it inside and outside, and improved the paving of the building’s access road. The new automatic irrigation system covers all parts of the garden, and it will enable production to increase by around 15,000 plants per year.
The plants grown at the Municipal Vegetation Garden can be used by residents. Every person is entitled to collect up to 10 plants per month.