World of Professions: investing in the future

August 2, 2017
Volunteers start new series of talks for high school students
If you could go back in time and give your younger self some advice about career choices, the younger you possibly would have found some decisions easier to make. Time travel isn’t yet possible, but the World of Professions project is helping today’s young people get a better understanding of this world, which is so full of options.
On August 1, around 120 students at Olavo Bilac High School in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, attended the first in a new series of talks on professions given by members of the Nissan Institute’s Volunteers of Value group.
“If I could go back and talk to myself when I was 16, I would advise getting professional orientation earlier,” says volunteer Camiller Soares, who was one of the first speakers in this edition. She talked about human resources. On the same day, the students also heard about motivation from volunteer Diego Careli.
The volunteers took the opportunity to give tips to the students on how to write a resume, how to behave at job interviews, and the importance of doing what you enjoy and setting your own goals.

depoimento Camiller Soares
“It’s very gratifying to be able to share what I know with the students and help them at this moment. I didn’t have a chance this like when I was a teenager and it would have been really useful to me. I believe it would have helped me to more quickly choose the profession in which I now happily work. It’s a very important moment”. (Camiller Soares, Volunteer of Value)
At the end of the first day, the students were given the chance to leave anonymous comments about what they thought of the talks. Here are some of them:
• “I needed this motivation, as few people encourage me to pursue my career.”
• “I like the fact they come to speak to young people at schools. I’m more interested in studying now and about my future.”
• “They answered some of my questions and helped me realize that the harder I study, the more opportunities for good jobs I will have.”
Volunteers will be giving more talks at Olavo Bilac High School on August 7, 16 and 23, on the topics of Production Processes, Maintenance, Logistics, Imports & Exports, and Quality.