Career World concludes another lecture series

September 22, 2017
Motivation, knowledge and good examples captivating students
The goal of Career World is to bring together professionals in the workplace and young people who are making career choices. The Career World program, developed by the Nissan Institute, completed another series in Resende in September.
This year alone, the initiative has sponsored more than 20 lectures in Resende for sophomore and junior high school students. The last series, which ended on the 21st, was held at the Getúlio Vargas Municipal High School in the Cidade Alegria neighborhood.
Some of the many fields and themes featured are: motivation, HR, Engineering, Tool Manufacturing, Logistics, Quality, Safety in the Workplace, Business Administration and “vocational training as a career foundation.” Because the students are at a vocational high school studying Mechanics and Computer Science, the closing lecture was given by volunteers in the field of Maintenance and Information Technology at Nissan.
To commemorate the project’s success and highlight another professional perspective, volunteer Silas Ponce, an intern at Nissan’s Industrial Engineering department, rounded up the event by talking about his parallel musical career.
depoimento Abner Paula
“By giving professionals a platform to share their stories, the program helps more people achieve success. We look in the students’ eyes and see the discovery of new possibilities”. (Abner de Paula, Volunteer of Value)
depoimento Aparecida Calixto

“On behalf of everyone at Getúlio Vargas Municipal School, we are very grateful to all the Nissan Institute volunteers who kindly shared with us their professional and personal experiences, enriching our educational activities and proposing moments of encouragement, despite our limited resources and everyday problems. The talks contributed greatly to our work with our youngsters and highlighted the commitment needed for the teaching-learning process”. (Aparecida Calixto, technical high school education advisor, Getúlio Vargas Municipal School)