“World of Professions” arrives in Rio de Janeiro

August 25, 2016
Volunteers’ project presents everyday routines of different professions
Good experiences should be shared!
The World of Professions has now visited its third city, where it has continued to captivate high school students who are making career choices. This time, the series of chats has been taking place at the Miratus Association in Rio de Janeiro.
Information technology was one of the themes of the first meeting, on August 15. IT volunteers Pablo Coelho and Fernando Perrelli focused their presentations on startups and information security. The second theme of the evening was presented by another volunteer, Suzane Andreiolo, who shared her experience of teaching and education courses.
The second meeting was held on August 29, when volunteers Flavia Samel and Camila Vieira presented the areas of social responsibility and communications. The next meeting will be in November, and it will focus on professions based on the interests of Miratus’ young participants.
depoimento Pablo Coelho
It was very dynamic. They participated actively, showing interest and always asking questions to obtain more information.”
(Pablo Coelho, Volunteer of Value)