Miratus receives Team Nissan athletes for “Duel of Rackets”

May 12, 2017
Ygor Coelho (badminton) and Hugo Calderano (table tennis) meet
Used to giving their opponents a hard time with their rackets in their hands, Ygor Coelho and Hugo Calderano faced a different challenge earlier today. These Team Nissan 2.0 athletes, who play badminton and table tennis, respectively, played one another in both sports. The “Duel of Rackets” took place at Miratus, a non-governmental organization in Rio de Janeiro’s West Zone.
The aim of the exercise was very simple: to find out which of the two athletes would do better and score more points in the other one’s sport. To begin with, Hugo Calderano, the athlete who put Brazil back among the world’s table tennis elite, picked up a badminton racket and came face to face with Ygor.
After this, it was time to play table tennis. Outside his “natural habitat,” Ygor Coelho, Brazil’s first ever Pan American Games badminton gold medalist, tried to hold off Hugo. In the end, despite showing a lot of ability with swapped rackets, they both came to the conclusion that each one is indeed better in his own sport.
However, the biggest winners were Miratus’ young students. Supported by the Nissan Institute, this NGO was responsible for spotting Ygor Coelho and introducing him to global sport. It was there that the Team Nissan 2.0 athlete discovered badminton and took his first steps toward the 2016 Olympics, at which he became the first Brazilian to compete in the sport.
Champions in their sports, Ygor Coelho and Hugo Calderano have a lot in common. They are Brazil’s best athletes in two sports that are new to the country. They are both from Rio de Janeiro and 20 years old, they competed in their first Olympics at home, in 2016, and they are members of Team Nissan 2.0.