Miratus Association ends work in 2016 with celebration

December 13, 2016
End-of-year party brings together students, relatives and guests
The Miratus Badminton Association’s work in 2016 has come to an end. To celebrate all the achievements and lessons learned during the year, an end-of-year party was held, attended by Nissan Institute board members.
The party’s activities for relatives and visitors included games, poetry, a performance by the Miratus Children’s Choir and activities completely organized by students, such as tic-tac-toe and dominoes.
Refreshments were supplied by cooking course students, who offered chicken croquettes, meatballs, cheese balls and other treats, made at the institution itself.
depoimento Bernardo Ortigão

It was very gratifying to take part in the party at Miratus. The most striking thing for me was being able to participate in practical classes conducted by students and learn a little of the methods used every day in subjects such as mathematics, Portuguese, English and Braille.” (Bernardo Ortigão, Nissan Institute volunteer and board member)