Yellow May: let’s make the roads safer together

May 30, 2019
Learn about Nissan’s initiatives during traffic safety month
Every year, the Yellow May movement is conducted around the world to help reduce the number of traffic accidents, mobilizing society to improve road safety. To promote reflection on the subject, the Nissan Institute carried out a volunteering activity for external stakeholders.
Four volunteers spread informative and educational traffic-related content by giving a dynamic, fun talk as part of the Apprentice Police Officer social project at the Municipal Police in Resende, Rio de Janeiro State. The speakers discussed road accident statistics and their main causes, presented a simulation of a bus being driven by a reckless driver, and talked about solutions the auto industry is adopting to minimize accidents.
“The students were amazed by the Nissan Leaf, they loved interacting and discussing topics with us, and they certainly learned some important lessons as well. Above all, I felt very fulfilled. It was the first time I’d participated in an external project and it was a wonderful experience. I want to take part in many more volunteering activities,” says volunteer Raisa Carvalho.