Yellow May: your choice makes a difference

May 29, 2017
Awareness-raising activities were held during road safety month in Resende
May is the month chosen to raise people’s awareness of the high number of road deaths and injuries across the world. In Resende, the Nissan Institute supported the municipal government, through its Traffic Education Division, with several activities over the course of the month in order to raise the awareness of drivers, motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists regarding the importance of respecting traffic rules, in order to reduce the number of accidents and their consequences.
On May 11, educational leaflets were handed out on the streets by 56 students from the Municipal Police Force’s apprentice program. On May 15, an awareness-raising event was held in the public square outside the municipal government’s main office.
To cap off the activities, the Municipal Transport and Traffic Department and Traffic Education Division held a public bike ride on the morning of Saturday, May 27. Cyclists met at Parque das Águas and cycled to the Campos Elíseos Pavement.
In addition to these initiatives, the town’s historic buildings were lit up in yellow.