Caju youth discover magical world of Nissan

November 30, 2016
Students visit office and plant to attend talks about professions
In November, Nissan Institute volunteers continued with the World of Professions initiative as part of the “Caju, a new approach” in Rio de Janeiro.
This time, students from a course on Administration and Computer Operations attended talks in some privileged locations: Nissan’s office in Rio de Janeiro and its plant in Resende.
The students came into contact with the company’s Human Resources, Accounting, Product Planning and Information Technology areas, and they got a close-up view of work routines and the active production line for a Nissan car.

depoimento Vitor Santos
Visiting the factory has helped me. I am starting to learn a lot of things and, even if I don’t use this information immediately, it will benefit me a lot in future to have visited this place and found out how it works.” (Vitor Freitas dos Santos, “Caju, a new approach” project student)
“Caju, a new approach” is part of a partnership with Fundação Gol de Letra, Firjan and Sebrae, in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Caju, to run vocational courses to give the region’s youth and adults professional qualifications.
The following volunteers took part in this stage of the World of Professions initiative: