Integration between NGOs to improve performance

April 26, 2017
Miratus and Gol de Letra meet to share best practices
Sharing experiences is one of the best ways to learn and develop. For this reason, the Nissan Institute set up a meeting between two of its partner non-governmental organizations on April 25. Representing Miratus, education coordinator Oreval Moreira was welcomed to Fundação Gol de Letra by Felipe Pitaro, the institution’s project coordinator.
Throughout the day, they shared information on various aspects related to administering and managing an NGO, such as processes, ways of working, routines and financial controls. Due to the solid structure that Fundação Gol de Letra has developed over time, Pitaro was also able to advise and aid Moreira regarding similar challenges faced by Miratus.
Due to this successful experience, the Nissan Institute aims to facilitate more sharing of best practices over the course of this year and stimulate new ideas to better structure the projects run by its partners, to help ensure their long-term future. This initiative is also aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
depoimento Oreval Moreira

The meeting with Fundação Gol de Letra bore out something I have long believed in: learning from the experience of our peers and friends. The meeting with the institution’s coordinators and volunteers renewed my desire to enhance Miratus’ operating methods, take on board the lessons learned, and adapt them to our institution. Congratulations to the professionals of the wonderful Gol de Letra!” (Oreval Moreira, Miratus’ education coordinator)