Nissan Institute holds meetings with partner NGOs

November 14, 2017
Knowledge-sharing event took place in Rio de Janeiro
On November 13, the first “Chain of Good” meeting was held by the Nissan Institute in Rio de Janeiro, with the aim of sharing and integrating experiences among its three partner non-governmental organizations: the Miratus Badminton Association and Fundação Gol de Letra in Rio, and Casa do Zezinho in São Paulo.
The meeting began at Gol de Letra’s office in the neighborhood of Caju, where Felipe Pitaro, the NGO’s educational coordinator, and Crislaine Lima, the coordinator of the Opportunity and Youth project (funded by the Nissan Institute), presented their best practices and initiated some relevant discussions among the participants.
In the afternoon, the group proceeded to the community of Chacrinha, where Miratus is based. Oreval Moreira, the NGO’s educational coordinator, presented a series of creative activities applied in the Learn by Playing project, developed by the institution’s team of educators.
Ana Beatriz Nogueira, the educational director of Casa do Zezinho, and Rafaelli Nair, one of the NGO’s educational coordinators, loved what they saw and they noticed many similarities with the work done by Casa do Zezinho in São Paulo.
depoimento Felipe Pitaro
“Being able to share, talk and bring people and processes together is an innovation in times of so many crises”. (Felipe Pitaro, Gol de Letra’s educational coordinator)
depoimento Oreval Moreira
“These meetings make us grow and strengthen the idea that the sharing of experiences and generosity accelerate our process of helping ever more our children and youth in the fight against the lack of opportunities”. (Oreval Moreira, Miratus’ educational coordinator)
depoimento Ana Beatriz Nogueira
“Casa do Zezinho gives thanks for the opportunity to strengthen knowledge bridges. We were certainly privileged by the opportunity to participate in such a relevant and enriching experience. It was inspirational!”. (Ana Beatriz Nogueira, Casa do Zezinho’s educational director)