Nissan Institute launches volunteering video

December 6, 2016
Video celebrates International Volunteering Day
December 5, International Volunteering Day, is one of the most special days in the Nissan Institute’s calendar. In order to thank everyone responsible for the year’s achievements, the Nissan Institute launched a video that highlights the importance of volunteering and shows how many of its accomplishments across Brazil were only possible thanks to the work of volunteers.
“The impacts of volunteering are bigger than you might imagine: it improves companies’ relations with the community, contributes to the development of employees’ skills and competencies, develops leaders, and improves the transparency of social institutions, among other things,” says Marcia Ribeiro, Nissan do Brasil’s government relations director and the chairperson of the Nissan Institute.
The Nissan Institute is very fond of and grateful toward its volunteers.
Watch the video here: