Instituto Criar receives donated eyeglasses

March 13, 2017
More than 200 people were given glasses in São Paulo
On March 10, donated eyeglasses were handed out to young people, relatives and educators at Instituto Criar, a non-governmental organization in the São Paulo neighborhood of Bom Retiro, as part of the “How do you see the world?” project.
Of the 304 people who were screened, 240 went on to have a free consultation with an ophthalmologist at the NGO’s center, and 204 were found to need glasses. According to Instituto Ver e Viver, another NGO, the high conversion rate reflects young people’s modern lifestyle.
depoimento Rafael Botelho

Whatever their social class, young people today live with technology as part of their everyday life. The question is not whether they use it, but the way they do so. For example, many youth spend a long time in front of a computer in an air-conditioned space, and they often look at their smartphone as soon as they wake up in the morning. All this causes daily aggression for their eyes. Another aspect we have noticed is that young people didn’t know it is important to stay a certain distance from their computer monitor or the risk of putting their smartphone very close to their eyes to see photos on social networks, for example.” (Rafael Botelho, New Business Supervisor, Instituto Ver e Viver)
In addition to vision correction, the “How do you see the world?” project continues to carry out its mission to educate people and raise their awareness about eye care. By December 2017, the project aims to have improved the quality of life and eye health of 13,900 people.