Injection of professional inspiration

May 10, 2017
Students from “Caju, a new perspective” project visit Nissan plant
They already understand car bodywork very well. But few experiences are as enriching to a trainee auto body worker as the opportunity to visit an auto plant and learn about the car production process. It was for this reason that 23 students on an auto bodywork technical course from the “Caju, a new perspective” project went to Resende earlier today.
At the invitation of the Nissan Institute, which sponsors the project, the group toured Nissan’s plant and saw all the stages that March, Versa and Kicks models (the latter in the testing phase) go through, from the arrival of steel plates to the end product.
Technical details were explained by three employees, Kleber, Osvaldo and Carol, who presented the Stamping, Bodywork and Painting areas, respectively. They captivated the students with their passion for what they do and charisma, as well as by sharing some interesting facts.
The next visit by students from the “Caju, a new perspective” project to the Nissan plant will be on June 13, for those doing an auto painting technical course.