A dream that crossed frontiers to change the lives of many Brazilians


Every true and passionate story is inspiring. And our story involves many hearts. From Japan to Brazil, our dream has crossed borders to become reality and help change the lives of many Brazilians.
Thanks to the Nissan Institute, which began its activities in March 2013, Nissan do Brasil was the group’s first subsidiary to have a social institute created specially to manage its social responsibility projects.
Since then, we have had many reasons to be proud, such as the roughly 30,000 people who have benefited from our initiatives and projects in Rio de Janeiro, where our main office is, São Paulo, Resende and São José dos Pinhais.
In 2018, we redefined our strategic guidelines and held our first project contest, which allowed us to map a series of interesting initiatives and relevant partners.
In the future, we want to continue to steadily improve, sharing experiences and learning with a very clear objective: to transform lives. And the path for us to continue to achieve this goal needs to be constructed jointly!