Gol de Letra NGO hosts “How do you see the world?” project

April 24, 2017
Eye health project returns to conduct new assessment in community
You probably already know of the “How do you see the world?” project, a partnership between the Nissan Institute and non-governmental organization Instituto Ver e Viver, which helps improve eye health at public schools and in social projects in areas where Nissan operates. In recent weeks, Fundação Gol de Letra, another NGO, which hosts the “Caju, a new perspective” project in Rio de Janeiro, received Volunteers of Value to carry out the project’s different stages with the institution’s students and teachers.
In all, 490 people were screened over the course of three days by volunteers, who referred people suspected of having eyesight problems for a medical assessment. Following eye consultations, it was confirmed that 158 people need to wear glasses, which will be donated within one month.
This is the second time that Fundação Gol de Letra has hosted the “How do you see the world?” project. The edition covers two different groups at different times: employees and students in April, and the wider community in May. The aim is to reach people not covered in the first edition, which took place one year ago, and to detect any alterations needed to the glasses of the previous beneficiaries.