Nissan employees with disabilities visit plant

November 21, 2016
Advertising employees interact with plant workers and go on guided tour
On Friday, November 18, our plant was visited by Nissan advertising employees based in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo. As well as being Nissan workers, responsible for helping the company to grow in Brazil, they are also athletes who train at the Mogi das Cruzes Sports Center for the Disabled. The group was accompanied by Team Nissan athlete and Paralympic medalist Dirceu Pinto, the center’s founder.
Some of the visitors went in wheelchairs (motorized or non-motorized), while others used a walking stick. However, what really attracted the plant workers’ attention was their happiness and pride to be part of Nissan’s team. At every stage, the employees and their companions were excited to learn about the factory’s processes and advanced technologies.
depoimento Gwenaelle Maitre

We achieved our goal, which was to take them to see Nissan’s car production line and encourage interaction with workers there. Our employees with disabilities in Mogi das Cruzes are an important part of the company, because in addition to the social issue, they provide wonderful examples of determination and excellence, and they exemplify one of Nissan’s mottos, ‘Whoever dares goes far.’ We are very proud to have them as brand ambassadors.” (Gwenaelle Maitre, Volunteer of Value)
This event was part of the Nissan Institute’s Diversity Month.