Nissan plant receives students from Caju

December 4, 2017
Students from “Youth and Opportunity” project get to see production process
On November 30, around 15 students from the electrical training course conducted as part of the “Youth and Opportunity” program, which encompasses the vocational courses of the “Caju: a new perspective” project, had the opportunity to see Nissan’s plant in Resende. After visiting different production areas, they took a satisfaction survey and described the most interesting parts of their tour.
“During the presentation, we observed their reactions and we could perceive whether they were content or curious, but the satisfaction survey revealed some very gratifying comments. We realized how valuable it is for them to have this kind of contact with the practical side of things they have studied,” said Juliana Rosas, of the Nissan Institute.
The students’ anonymous comments included the following:
“The speed with which the vehicles are produced is very interesting. I thought the process would take longer. And I will always remember ‘Yoshi-Yoshi’ and use this idea in my life,” said one of the students, referring to the safety rule practiced at the plant whenever pedestrians cross paths with machines.
“I loved the visit because of the opportunity to acquire knowledge I never would have imagined. Seeing a car production line is edifying,” said another student.
Student visits to the plant are just one of the activities conducted by the Nissan Institute. “Caju: a new perspective” is a partnership between the Nissan Institute, NGO Fundação Gol de Letra, the Rio de Janeiro State Federation of Industry (Firjan) and the Brazilian Micro and Small Enterprise Support Service (Sebrae). The project runs vocational training courses to help young people join the job market, as well as high school courses and support for upper elementary school and the National High School Exam (Enem). The classes are given at Gol de Letra in the neighborhood of Caju near downtown Rio de Janeiro.