Nissan Institute supports meeting with social entrepreneurs

March 24, 2019
Meetup brings together social organizations in Rio
The Ekloos Institute, in partnership with the Nissan Institute, recently held its first meetup at Lab Oi Futuro, on Rio de Janeiro’s south side. One of the goals was to create a strong network among social organizations in Rio de Janeiro. The event, attended by the Nissan Institute’s president, Rosane Santos, brought together social entrepreneurs and funders to discuss and reinforce the network of social and environmental initiatives in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro.
During the meetup, social leaders and organizations presented and clarified key social issues related to facilitating jobs and investment. “By making demands more obvious and understanding possibilities for sponsors, it is easier to propose solutions that are innovative and aligned with companies’ strategies, without losing sight of the need to respond to social demands,” Santos said.
Participating in the first edition of the meeting, the Nissan Institute’s president took the opportunity to present the organization’s main achievements, including a recent realignment of its areas of activity, its first public contest to select projects for funding in 2019, engagement of Nissan employees in all processes, and infrastructure for monitoring and evaluating initiatives. She mentioned the following five points: alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, evaluations of processes, results and impacts, and the use of customized indicators for each project. She said that over time, the institute expects to reassess the practices adopted, obtain relevant information, and effectively measure and track investment and impacts.
“The meetup was a response to a major demand for the city of Rio de Janeiro and its metropolitan area: to bring together the main players that want to generate social impacts in this region, including entrepreneurs and sponsors/funders,” Santos said.
The Nissan Institute will be participating actively in more events scheduled for 2019, thereby strengthening its ties with social players and seeking to learn more about society’s challenges.
The meetups will take place regularly. Each one will feature a presentation by a funder and a social entrepreneur, who will share their experiences. The next event will be in April, also at Lab Oi Futuro in Rio de Janeiro. You will soon be able to sign up at