“How do you see the world”: Finding even more beauty in art

February 13, 2017
Project resumes activities in 2017 at Instituto Criar
São Paulo is known for its culture, art and creative industries. There is a lot of all this at Instituto Criar, a non-governmental organization focused on television, cinema and new media, which promotes the professional, social, cultural and personal development of young people through audiovisual work. And in order to make high-quality audiovisual products, people’s hearing and eyesight need to be good.
Accordingly, the Nissan Institute and Instituto Ver e Viver went to Instituto Criar as part of the “How do you see the world?” project, to contribute to the training and artistic development of its young beneficiaries.
At the start of February, vision screenings were held, in which more than 300 people, including students, former students, relatives and teachers participated. On February 9 and 10, the project’s ophthalmologists went to Instituto Criar to perform free consultations.
depoimento Luiz Alfaya

The project was a success! Many students and former students took part, and many of them brought their relatives along with them. Our team also worked with our partner institutions here in Bom Retiro. This initiative is very important, not just for our students’ professional lives, but also for their overall quality of life.” (Luiz Alfaya, superintendent of Instituto Criar)
The people diagnosed with eyesight problems will each receive a free pair of glasses, chosen by them, in March.
Watch the video produced by Instituto Criar: