Casa do Zezinho educator carries Rio 2016 Olympic Torch

July 25, 2016
Tia Dag represents Casa do Zezinho in Campinas
It was impossible not to feel moved during the Olympic Torch relay on Wednesday, when the torch was carried by Tia Dag at Nissan’s invitation. She is an educator and the founder of Casa do Zezinho, a Nissan Institute partner institution. Accompanied by seven children who participate in the NGO’s activities, the streets of Campinas were turned into a new home and she made a point of treating everyone on the sidewalks like her own children.
“Being alongside them here and seeing all this excitement is priceless. I don’t do anything on my own. I feel very grateful to participate in this and to be able to represent the community of Capão Redondo in the relay. Educating is an act of love. Our work has everything to do with this fire that unites and renovates people’s lives”.
It all began in the 1970s, when Dagmar Riveri (known as Tia Dag, or “Aunt Dag”) decided to take home seven children threatened with violence. Casa do Zezinho has since expanded from 100 m² to 7,000 m², and it now benefits around 1,500 people. It uses the “Rainbow” educational technique, created by Tia Dag, involving the teaching of science, philosophy, spirituality and art.
“It’s very moving. This Olympic torch will be on display in our home forever, but first we will organize our own relay. All the NGO’s children will carry this symbol through the streets of Capão Redondo and we will spread this joy to everyone”.