Traffic education and intelligent mobility

September 7, 2017
Students learn about electric car technology in Resende
On September 5, the Nissan Leaf visited the Municipal Police of Resende, where it captivated Apprentice Police Officer Project students. More than 50 teenagers got to see the world’s best-selling electric car, which recently gained a new version in the global market. The visit was organized by the Nissan Institute in partnership with the municipal government and the Resende Children and Youth Council.
While the vehicle was being exhibited, Jefferson Soares, a volunteer who works in Nissan’s Environment Department, explained concepts related to zero emissions, traffic education, clean energy and technology to the youngsters.
depoimento Gabriel Henrique Mattos
“Alternatives like this are needed for the environment and for our own lives”. (Gabriel Henrique Mattos, student of The Apprentice Police Officer Project)
depoimento Luran Gustavo
“This is the car of the future. It’s very interesting because it’s electric, it uses a battery and it features advanced technologies. I really liked seeing it”. (Luran Gustavo, student of The Apprentice Police Officer Project)
The Apprentice Police Officer Project operates outside normal school hours and it is held in annual cycles. Classes are given to 14 to 17 year olds on the topics of drill commands, personal defense, physical education, traffic, the environment, Portuguese, tourism, general and civic culture, first aid, accident prevention, and the importance of families.