Education and good eyesight: an inseparable combination

May 26, 2017
Project delivers 159 donated pairs of glasses at Fundação Gol de Letra
Another edition of the partnership between the Nissan Institute and non-governmental institution Instituto Ver e Viver has come to an end. On Thursday, May 25, the “How do you see the world?” project handed over 159 pairs of eyeglasses to students, teachers and employees at Fundação Gol de Letra, an NGO in Rio de Janeiro.
The project involved three stages: an initial screening assessment, consultations with an eye doctor, and delivery of the glasses. Volunteers of Value participated in all these stages. Five hundred people, including some who wear glasses and others who do not, were covered by the project.
depoimento Nadja Fontes
Seeing how happy these people were when they received their glasses was great! I wear glasses and I know how this sense of being able to see better makes a big difference. And I loved the frames! Congratulations to the Nissan Institute and all the volunteers for supporting this project! Simple actions like this can change the lives of many people.” (Nadja Fontes, Volunteer of Value)

This was the first of two handovers of glasses planned for Gol de Letra. The second event is scheduled for June, when another 250 pairs of glasses will be presented.