Safe driving: we are also responsible

October 4, 2018
Nissan Institute mobilizes youth through traffic awareness activities
The month of September contains National Road Safety Week. In order to raise citizens’ awareness and reduce road accident indicators, the Nissan Institute ran educational campaigns in the town of Resende to mark the date. These activities were held both outside and inside Nissan’s plant.
On Wednesday, September 19, students at Professor Carlinhos Municipal School were invited to take part in an awareness-raising event at Nissan. They presented their work to company employees and talked about the risks and dangers of accidents that children and youth may have on their way between home and school.
On Thursday, September 20, a talk was given at the Resende Municipal Guard Battalion to instruct students and contribute to the Apprentice Guard social project. The talk, attended by around 50 young people, was organized by the Nissan Institute’s Volunteers of Value group. It addressed subjects such as traffic safety and smart mobility, and the speakers also presented the Nissan Leaf, the world’s best-selling electric car. The students also had a class to teach them how the vehicle works and how it contributes to the society of the future.
“They were amazed when we said that the car is charged using a power socket, like a phone. We explained why the Leaf is a zero emissions vehicle and how this technology contributes to the planet’s sustainability,” said Juliana Rosas, a sustainability analyst at Nissan.