Doors open to knowledge and youth

June 22, 2017
Nissan plant hosts students for third time
Imagine if all theoretical classes could immediately be transformed into practical knowledge. Students on the “Youth and Opportunity” Auto Painting and Computer Operator Work vocational training courses, as part of the “Caju: a new perspective” project, got this chance last week, when they visited Nissan’s plant in Resende. This was the third visit to the plant by the project’s students.
During the visit, the students were divided into two groups, which took different routes and then met up again in the auto assembly area. This approach enabled the students to share their experience among themselves, telling one another about the highlights of the visit from their own points of view.
depoimento José Carlos Pereira
Because we are studying auto painting, they made an exception and let us enter the painting area, which tends to be more restricted. Seeing the whole process was amazing because when we hear about a subject it’s one thing, but seeing it close-up is very interesting.” (José Carlos Pereira, an Auto Painting course student)

Alex Barbosa
All the employees were polite and the plant is very spacious. What struck me the most was Nissan’s environmental projects. I loved the practicality of the buildings and the way the infrastructure functions.” (Alex Barbosa, a Computer Operator Work course student)
“Caju: a new perspective” is a Nissan Institute project designed to promote transformation following the Rio 2016 Games. It is run in partnership with NGO Fundação Gol de Letra. At the institution’s main site, in the neighborhood of Caju in central Rio de Janeiro, students do vocational training courses aimed at entering the job market, as well as formal high school classes, support for elementary school studies and preparation for the National High School Exam.