Near of far, how do you see… Resende?

March 16, 2016
Project to improve 17,000 people’s visual health comes to Resende
The community around Parque das Águas Municipal Nursery in Resende has enjoyed much better eyesight since March. The siblings, parents and grandparents of students at the school – built by Nissan and donated to the municipal government – recently received 67 free pairs of glasses from the hands of Nissan do Brasil’s CEO, François Dossa, and the company’s government affairs and sustainability director, Marcia Ribeiro.
This initiative was part of the “How do you see the world?” project, run in partnership by the Nissan Institute and NGO Instituto Ver e Viver in order to take better visual health to schools and charities in socially vulnerable neighborhoods of the cities of Resende, Rio de Janeiro, São José dos Pinhais and São Paulo.
The people receiving the glasses went through all the project’s phases: an initial visual acuity test, an examination by an eye doctor, and the donation of glasses with suitable lenses, after the need for them was proven.
So far, 11,856 people have benefited from the project and 5,841 pairs of glasses have been donated.

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