Welcoming the chance to learn from each other

September 18, 2017
An exchange of experiences amongst NGOs stimulates integration
On September 13 and 14, the Nissan Institute provided two of its partner institutions with a rich exchange of experiences. Oreval Alves Moreira, the pedagogic coordinator at Miratus in Rio de Janeiro, traveled to São Paulo to see the facilities at Casa do Zezinho.
During the two-day visit, Oreval was immersed in “Rainbow Pedagogy” (a teaching method developed by Casa do Zezinho), visited the premises, talked with educators and mediators, exchanged ideas, and also participated in a round table hosted by Dagmar Rivieri, the founder of Casa do Zezinho, affectionaly called “Aunt Dag.”
According to Oreval, he had long dreamed of visiting Casa do Zezinho, a leader in this field.
depoimento Beatriz Pantaleão
“Seeing the children smiling and happy, and feeling at home on the premises, is the most obvious sign that this institution fulfills its mission with excellence. Being in contact with competent and kind people awakened in me an intense desire to be a child again, to play and participate in the various activities offered with kindness and affection in this fantastic environment”. (Oreval Moreira, pedagogic coordinator at Miratus)
This is the second exchange program between Miratus and another institution in 2017. In April, the Nissan Institute arranged for a meeting with the Gol de Letra Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro.