Caring for those who care for the future

February 21, 2017
Another round of nursery education training carried out in Resende
In February, the “Everyone Together, Caring and Educating Happily” project visited Resende in the state of Rio de Janeiro once more, holding workshops for local nursery and school educators.
Three days of intensive activities took place with teachers, assistants and preschool managers, who participated in workshops on singing games, body movements, children’s health, music and inclusion, and early childhood education projects. A discussion was also held, in which 265 professionals reflected on their practices at preschools and were encouraged to use their creativity and knowledge to improve the quality of nursery education in Resende.
The “Everyone Together” project is organized by the Popular Image Creation Center (known by Portuguese acronym CECIP), sponsored by the Nissan Institute and in partnership with the Resende Municipal Education Secretariat. According to the education secretary, the initiative has improved the quality of education for the 3,500 students in the municipal education network. The project is scheduled to end in late March.
depoimento Claudia Ceccon

This series of workshops was very gratifying and we had the opportunity to benefit even more professionals than we had planned. The Resende Education Secretariat also has an approach to teaching that is closely aligned with our methodology, adding to the content.” (Claudia Ceccon, CECIP’s project coordinator)