Clodoaldo Silva thrills youth in Caju and at Miratus Association

November 24, 2016
Paralympic athlete recounts his experiences
Nissan’s Caju: A New Perspective project, education charity Fundação Gol de Letra and the Miratus Badminton Association recently welcomed a great Brazilian Paralympic athlete and a star of the Rio 2016 Games: Clodoaldo Silva, the winner of 14 Paralympic medals, including a silver for swimming at Rio 2016. The Team Nissan mentor visited these social projects and thrilled students by recounting his story of overcoming the odds in life and sport.
In Caju, children, youth and educators had the opportunity to see the Paralympic Torch that Clodoaldo used to light the Paralympic Cauldron on September 7, at the Maracanã Stadium. The athlete’s main message was the importance of having dreams and pursuing them. At the end of the chat, he gave an exclusive interview to the Cajutube youth group.
At Miratus, Clodoaldo met some other sport champions and had a go at badminton. In addition to students and parents, the event was attended by Sebastião Oliveira, the NGO’s founder, and Olympic athlete Ygor Coelho, who Clodoaldo is mentoring on Team Nissan. Both talked about their experiences and their family’s support, and they confirmed that the most important thing is not winning or losing, but getting better every day.
depoimento Clodoaldo Silva

I grew up with a lot of hardship, but I am now a great champion in sport and above all in life. That’s why it’s important for me to support social projects like these ones, which help young people and children to have opportunities. Even if they don’t become athletes or sport stars, they can be decent citizens with a promising future.” (Clodoaldo Silva, Paralympic athlete)
This event was part of the Nissan Institute’s Diversity Month.