Casa do Zezinho

The Casa do Zezinho Health Center offers the community free integrative practices.
Founded in 1994, Casa do Zezinho, an educational charity located in the Capão Redondo neighborhood of São Paulo’s South Zone, is world famous for its distinctive teaching methodology: the “Rainbow” technique, which seeks to develop the identity, talents, potentialities, self-esteem, independent thinking and critical reflection of the children and young people who frequent the institution.
Within this rich environment, the Nissan Institute, as one of the organization’s partners, has been contributing to the community’s quality of life by building and maintaining the Casa do Zezinho Health Center and by helping to raise children’s awareness about health care.
The “Se Cuida” (“Take Care of Yourself”) project offers preventive and integrative health care for Casa do Zezinho’s students, families and other members of the community through natural treatments that promote health and healthy habits, complementing the medical and dental care provided by the public health system.
Free treatments are provided in the fields of natural medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, iridology (identification of diseases and ailments by examining one’s irises), auricular therapy, meditation, pranic healing and yoga, as well as actions focusing on discouraging the use of drugs and alcohol, promotion of healthy nutrition, talks for parents on preventing breast cancer, and dental and eye care.
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