Cajutube: Caju’s video channel

Initiative by young people at NGO Gol de Letra gains impetus and becomes more professional
Just as the Nissan Institute is good at education, youth tend to be good at technology. At the Gol de Letra Foundation, an NGO, a group of young people have created a video channel called Cajutube, which is becoming more professional with support from the Nissan Institute and Oi Kabum Rio.
At the start, the videos were produced independently by 10 students, outside Gol de Letra, and they were posted on social networks, showing the everyday lives of young people in the community from a comical angle. Raquel Souto, a literacy workshop instructor, then realized the videos’ educational potential, met with the group, and promoted their work within the foundation, as part of a project christened “Cajutube.”
The initiative attracted the attention of the Nissan Institute, which invited Oi Kabum Rio, an art and technology school, to run an audiovisual training workshop for the group. In their classes, the young people learned how to use equipment, create scripts, edit videos and employ set design techniques.
The first video made by the partnership was presented at the launch event of the “Caju, a new perspective” project, in order to show personal and collective identities, urban relationships, and the Olympic and Paralympic values.
You can watch the video here:

The next steps will be to put into practice the techniques learned, start regularly posting one video per month on the channel, and increase local people’s loyalty as viewers.
Take a look at Cajutube’s social network pages: